Cross-platform compatibility

Paramorphism has developers running both Linux and Windows, and testing is done to ensure compatibility with macOS. Paramorphism should run on any operating system supporting Java SE 8.


Paramorphism employs specific measures against a number of Java reverse‑engineering tools, including JD-GUI, Procyon, CFR, and Fernflower. By using Paramorphism, off-the-shelf reverse‑engineering software is rendered nearly useless.

Simple & Fast

Paramorphism runs in seconds – Secure an application without disrupting your publishing workflow.


With the corruption flag set to true, Paramorphism causes the following decompiler and analysis tools to break:

  • Bytecode Viewer
  • JDA
  • Helios
  • Luyten
  • JD-GUI
  • Recaf
  • JByteMod
  • java-deobfuscator